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Firm Луганський патронний завод, ПрАТ Ukraine, Луганск

ПрАТ "Луганський патронний завод"
Country: Украина
Oblast: Луганская обл.
City: Луганск
Address: ул.Почтовая 1 М
Profile: Freight shippers
Date of registration on Lardi-Trans: 11 January 2011 08:18
Contact information
ПрАТ "Луганський патронний завод"
Department: General
Reliability rating: 146610 place
"Reliability point": 1.1 >>
On behalf of the firm were given: 0 opinions
On the firm were given: 0 opinions
Positive: 0
Negative : 0
Messages: 4 Open
Threads: 2 Open
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